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Renee and Kevin are a husband-and-wife team established Earth’s Palate Farm in 2018 with their two kids. The farm is nestled on 40 acres which include 4 greenhouses with a small plot of field production for heirloom vegetables and honeybees during the summer months. Tender greens and vegetables are grown year-round in the greenhouses. In addition to the produce, they raise 100 egg layers (chicken) who forage on fresh grass, meat birds on pasture and heritage pork that like to root around in the open elements. They have embraced the concepts of regenerative agriculture at the onset of beginning their farm. The farm is evolving yearly and slowly expanding with the natural landscape.

Raising them right: Renee has adopted various growing practices from around the world alongside 19 years of growing experience. Utilizing plant homeopathy, Korean Natural Farming, Shumei growing and biodynamic practices. By leaning on these holistic approaches, Earth’s Palate Farm looks to nature for solutions, seed selection, fertilizer amendments and animal grazing. The focus is on soil health and working within the biorhythms of the environment.


Inside Earth’s Palate Farm Kitchen: Kevin has been a pastry chef and chocolatier practicing and perfecting his craft for the past 18 years. While growing up in France he realized at a young age his passion for the culinary arts. Classically trained in Paris he worked all over the world in fine dinning establishments in London to Iles Reunion, Africa. He incorporates various herbs, vegetables and fruits of the farm into his culinary expressions that change seasonally. From basil-tarragon chocolate ganache to seasonal quiches, fresh baked croissants to hand painted mint chocolate bars. Each of his small batch delicacies puts Earth’s Palate at the very center of his creation.

Together Renee and Kevin bring to you Earth’s Palate Farm. A true devotion to the land, palate, environment and the community at large.

Earth's Palate Farm

Warren, CT

Renee Giroux & Kevin MacPherson

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